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Software as a Service: Web Builder

Dot Command

A client collaboration system designed to share files, calendars, workflow, financials, time-tracking, and more. It includes user specific permissions for each item, and can be setup to fit the client's brand.


Web Builder Plus

A customizable content management system for medium to large sites. Features include users, access levels, download tracking, and a class registration system.


Web Builder

A content management system designed for small to medium websites. Features include file upload, news, feeds, online forms, slidehows, online auctions, and more.


Our SaaS products are used by over 200+ clients and have been in production for over 8 years.

Simple and Effective Content Management

With Dot Command Center's Web Builder, you get one on one attention from our developers to give you a custom website design and an easy web interface to allow you to manage your own content 24x7. Users can make text changes, graphic changes, upload documents, manage forums, and much more.

Tested and Proven

Dot Command has over 150 websites built and hosted in Web Builder. The size ranges from 3-page sites to 100-page sites with several different editors.

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