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What is Technology Integration?

Ten years ago the term "technology integration" referred to "network integration" and the routers, switches and servers making up the core of what was then the company's enterprise environment.

Today "technology integration" has evolved into a completely different meaning, where components of the enterprise environment are positioned to work seamlessly together. Technology integration encompasses not only the network integration component, but now includes a web site and database component, commonly offered as "software as a service" (SaaS), the phone system, social media, blogs and most critically, proprietary industry-specific software. In today's world, complex data delivery and systems security requires the absolute integration of these components to produce a given measurable result.

Cohesive Organizational Plans

Individually these technologies are not difficult to deploy by themselves, however getting them to produce measurable results is, and that's where understanding the concepts of technology integration will ultimately increase the return on investment for a company. Typically, different departments have managed each of these components, resulting in a non-cohesive approach to doing business which may actually do more harm than good to a company's image and internal production.

Dot Command Center (DCC) is your partner to help identify and integrate the unique components of your business. We concentrate on getting the greatest productivity from each technology sector and requiring each component compliment the other to produce an effective, and measurable metric.