Web Application Development

Reliable Application Development in a Fast Paced Industry

Our developers have a deep knowledge of the underlying technologies, while still keeping up with the latest industry trends and standards.

Custom Applications
Our developers utlize the Microsoft .NET platform to produce high functioning data driven applications that stand the test of time.

Kentico Expertise
We are certified developers with over 6 years experience on the Kentico CMS platform.  We have hosted and maintained the infrastructure for over 600 kentico sites.
Our development team can help you quickly build out a decision tree for a website chatbot to provide quality customer service and streamline your daily tasks.

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Move Over SEO: How Developers Can Generate You More Traffic

Im a marketer. I know more about traffic generation than most others, and I surely know more about marketing than developers. But what if I told you that developers can generate you more traffic than an SEO or any other type of marketer? And no, its not because the developer implements changes to your site […] The post Move Over SEO: How Developers Can Generate You More Traffic appeared first on ...

GitHub launches Actions to execute code in containers and security alerts for Java and .NET projects

The GitHub code repository, which has been used by 31 million developers around the world in the past year, today announced a sweeping series of changes, including Actions, a new way for developers to automate workflows and build, share, and execute code inside containers on GitHub. In a phone interview with VentureBeat, GitHub head of […]

Continuous, Incremental, Progressive Delivery: Pick Three

Software developers have spent the last decade talking about Continuous Delivery and the benefits of delivering working code as often as possible. But it turns out that's only one part of the whole picture of software delivery. Modern teams actually have three distinct outcomes they are trying to achieve a holy trinity of continuous, incremental, and progressive delivery. Each of these delivery p...

Mac App Store continues to bleed developers over analytics and trials

Apple thoroughly revamped the look and feel of the Mac App Store this year, debuting “editorial” recommendations and an iOS-inspired interface for its macOS software storefront. But a new survey from CleanMyMac developer MacPaw suggests developers remain unimpressed by the App Store due to a series of well-established problems that haven’t been addressed, and that Apple […]

Cloud Native Container Design Principles

Software Design Principles Principles exist in many areas of life, and they generally represent a fundamental truth or belief from which others are derived. In software, principles are rather abstract guidelines, which are supposed to be followed while designing software. There are fundamental principles for writing quality software such as KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid), DRY (Dont Repeat Yourself...

[DZone Research] Expectations vs. Reality: How Developers Select a Cloud Environment

This article is part of the Key Research Findings from the DZone Guide to Cloud: Serverless, Functions, and Multi-Cloud. Introduction For this year's DZone Guide to Cloud, we surveyed 739 software professionals from across the IT industry, asking them questions on various topics about cloud technology. In this article, we dive into the data concerning the ways developers perceive the cloud vs. th...

DevOps and the DRY Principle

Formatting code correctly and adhering to best practices is crucial if you are developing software as part of a team. So, a good software developer needs to be mindful of the many and various conventions, both formal and informal, which exist for writing code. When everyone is using the same formatting and the same protocols, it ensures that code written by one developer can be read and understoo...

GitHub launches Actions, its workflow automation tool

For the longest time, GitHub was all about storing source code and sharing it either with the rest of the world or your colleagues. Today, the company, which is in the process of being acquired by Microsoft, is taking a step in a different but related direction by launching GitHub Actions. Actions allow developers to […]

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