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Our developers have a deep knowledge of the underlying technologies, while still keeping up with the latest industry trends and standards.

Custom Applications
Our developers utlize the Microsoft .NET platform to produce high functioning data driven applications that stand the test of time.

Kentico Expertise
We are certified developers with over 6 years experience on the Kentico CMS platform.  We have hosted and maintained the infrastructure for over 600 kentico sites.
Our development team can help you quickly build out a functional proof of concept app in a fraction of the time of the normal development lifecycle.  In fact, new ideas are our passion.

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How to Troubleshoot PHP Web Application Problems

Not all problems or issues in web development can be detected during development or testing. There are even web application errors that are hard to catch like runtime errors. Most PHP developers or server administrators will just look at the web server or database logs once an issue arises. They would just grep the logs for errors or timestamps in ...Read MoreThe post How to Troubleshoot PHP Web ...

Is This the Age of Throw-Away Software Systems?

In my ~20 years as a software developer and architect, it has always been unquestionable for me to aim for high quality in my software projects. I have especially appreciated learning about clean code in the last 6 or 7 years. But recently, I had a discussion with another external consultant about software development processes and practices, which showed me a completely different view. A view th...

DZone Research: Cloud Developers

To gather insights on the current and future state of the cloud, we talked to IT executives from 33 companies about their, and their clients, use of the cloud. We asked, 'What do developers need to keep in mind when developing and deploying to the cloud?' Here's what they told us: Security The developers need to think about building the application in as distributed as possible and exploit the sc...

Git Strategies for Software Development: Part 1

Git is a version control system for tracking changes in files and coordinating work on those files among multiple people. It is primarily used for source code management in software development. It is a distributed revision control system and is very useful to support software development workflows. The Git directory on every machine is a full repository which has full version tracking capabiliti...

Azure Data Factory Visual tools now supports GitHub integration

GitHub is a development platform that allows you to host and review code, manage projects and build software alongside millions of other developers from open source to business. Azure Data Factory (

            What is design debt and why you should treat it seriously

What is design debt and why you should treat it seriously

As design as a discipline is maturing, years behind software development, we designers need to get familiar with certain terms already established among developers. Design backlogs, version control; quite recently DesignOps started being a thing. Now its high time we discuss design debt.Its a concept built upon something called technical debt, a term coined by Ward Cunningham, who realised that c...

Tilting Point opens mobile game studio in Barcelona

Mobile game publisher Tilting Point has opened a studio in Barcelona to tighten relations with Europes mobile game development community as part of its mission to help quality games reach their potential scale. The move builds on the companys commitment to invest $132 million annually to help developers scale great games to success. The studio will […]

Beyond Java: Programming languages on the JVM

If there is any language that is a known and proven quantity for developers, its Java. Enterprise developers, web developers, mobile developers, and plenty of others besides, have made Java ubiquitous and contributed to the massive culture of support around Java.Whats more, the Java runtime, or Java Virtual Machine (JVM), has become a software ecosystem all its own. In addition to Java, a great m...

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