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We are passionate about the flexible Kentico platform, and can help your organization get the most out of the features.

Custom Web Parts

Kentico is a robust platform with many features.  However, sometimes a client may have a custom function that integrates with an external system or has a unique requirement.  We can build custom web parts specifically for your need that you can use with any version of Kentico.

Version Upgrades

Kentico releases new versions of the platform at least once a year, and it is easy to get behind, especially while your business in growing.  Let Dot Command Center help you get caught up.  We have experience upgrading Kentico from as far back as 5.5 to its current version, including custom code utilizing the Kentico API, 

Performance Tuning

Because of the robust feature set, and flexible platform, Kentico sometimes needs a little fine-tuning to achieve optimal performance.  We can help you set a variety of scheduled tasks, caching options, and configuration settings to maximize the performance of your website.

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Wrestling with GDPR and Data Protection Throughout Kentico 11 Editions Newsletters, Users, Forms

In my previous article, I explored the challenges related to data flow mapping, storing the content of consents, and website tracking. In this second part of the three-part series, I am going to have a look at challenges related to newsletters, user registrations, and online form submissions. So, get yourself a cup of coffee, and let’s dive into it!

What Omnichannel Means to Developers

“We need to start thinking about OMNICHANNEL for our content.”“Kentico Cloud is all about OMNICHANNEL! So, how do we use it?” “I’ve been watching for hours but there’s nothing but reruns and infomercials on every OMNICHANNEL!” The phrase “Omnichannel” is certainly making the rounds when it comes to content. Hatched from the minds of over-worked marketers tired of creating posts for everywhere the...

            Kentico 11 EMS and GDPR  the Science of Compliance

Kentico 11 EMS and GDPR the Science of Compliance

We have been covering the GDPR topic for quite a while on our blog now. Therefore, it seems like we have reached a perfect moment to stop for a second, and look back at Kentico 11 EMS’s data protection capabilities from a higher perspective. Let’s explore the list of the GDPR features that Kentico 11 EMS has under its hood to make your GDPR compliance easier. Because it is a science!

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