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Common Email Questions

by Vickie Paynter-Finney 5. September 2011 14:31

Many of our clients have trouble when setting up their email accounts on their phones for IPads.  Here are some tips for SMTP servers and others.

How do I change my password?

 1. In a web browser, go to or click on the Email link from the Dot Command Center home page (

2. Enter your full email address and assigned password, and click "Login".

3. Select "Preferences" on the left menu.

4. In the 2nd section from the top, simply type your new password in the fields labeled "New Password" and "Retype Password". Click the Save button near the top of the page.

How do I set my vacation message?

In order to change your vacation message, you must login to the web mail interface.

    1. Go to


    1. Enter your full email address and password.


    1. Once logged in, select the option "Change Vacation Message" from the drop down menu box.


  1. Enter the text you wish to auto-respond each time someone emails you.

To turn this off, leave the vacation message field blank.

What is My SMTP Server?

Your outgoing mail server will depend on the service you are using to connect to the Internet. Below is a list of outgoing servers:

    • Austin Time Warner Road Runner:
    • Southwestern Bell DSL:
    • 1&1:
    • Adelphia Cable:
    • AT&T WorldNet:
    • AOL:
    • BellSouth:
    • BlueLight:
    • Cableone:
    • Comcast:
    • Compuserve:
    • Cox:,,
    • Cypress Communications:
    • Dotster:
    • Earthlink:,
    • Google GMail:
    • Juno:
    • Mindspring:
    • Mpower Communications:
    • MSN: (cannot send pop3 email from other domains)
    • Netscape:
    • NetZero:
    • PacBell:
    • Pacifier:
    • Prodigy:
    • Rediff:
    • SBC Global Ameritech:
    • SBC Global Flash:
    • SBC Global NVBell:
    • SBC Global Pacbell:
    • SBC Global Prodigy:
    • SBC Global SNet:
    • SBC Global SWBell:
    • SBC Global Wans:
    • SBC Global Yahoo!:
    • Seanet:
    • ServNet:
    • SpeakEasy:
    • SprintPCS:
    • Sprynet:
    • Starpower:
    • The River:
    • Verizon:
    • VisiNet:
    • Yahoo:


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