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Age Dynamics

by mwilson 23. February 2012 09:43

Some interesting news today, recent data reports concerning smartphone demographics has been released revealing that limited budgets still make room for the coveted pieces. While 30% of those aged 35-44 years and making less than $15,000 yearly possess smartphones, that percentage increases when the demographic turns to those age groups of (18-24) and (25-34) by 56% and 43% respectively. What makes these numbers so significant concerns the 2011 poverty mark which was drawn at $10,890. What is being insinuated by those reading the reports is that older generations view the smartphone as a luxury and the youth sees it as a staple. It’s hard to decipher whether these reports reveal a zeitgeist of technology or a cohort effect, what is evident is the disparity in perspective.


Evolving Security

by mwilson 23. February 2012 09:40

SaaS solutions are on the rise and it appears they may soon be coming to a mobile device near you. Mobilisafe is currently working on their beta program that allows users to BYOD (bring your own device) to their service. The technology analyzes the users’ need for protection and relays that information back to the company so that both Mobilisafe & the company can tailor their solutions. As companies begin to use newer devices to access their corporations network security will have to adapt to keep up with hackers. Have you caught on Software as a Solution yet? DCC uses VMware to deliver SaaS solutions and other tech needs. 


Trending: The Buttonless App

by mwilson 17. February 2012 11:03

There's a new app in town and it's name is Clear. The highly anticipated application allows users to make their own to-do lists, granted they aren't too complicated. Minimalism is the best aspect of it as the few gestures of pinch, swipe, and pull-down are all that it necessitates. In fact, co-founder Phill Ryu notes that even babies are capable of using the technology. In an age where complexity rules it's refreshing to find devices that are indeed more intuitive and easy; a lesson we can all learn from. Here at DCC we are continuously analyzing ways to streamline technology to make it more user friendly and reduces stress. If you have any advice we'd love to hear it!

To read the article on Clear click Here.


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