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1140 Grids: Working the Grid

by mwilson 5. April 2012 09:27

 Hey there web designers! Are you having trouble developing a site so that it translates across several devices and browsers? Well never fear Andy Taylor has a solution. Here at DCC we’ve been working with his new 1140 CSS Grid which fits perfectly into a 1280 monitor. On smaller monitors it becomes fluid and adapts to the width of the browser. Beyond a certain point it uses media queries to serve up a mobile version, which essentially stacks all the columns on top of each other so the flow of information still makes sense. New computers, old computers, netbooks, tablets, smartphones, some feature phones are compatible and it works perfectly in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE7 & IE8. P3 Tennis is our newest example with this model grid. Look at the image below to get a peek at just how versatile the 1140 can be.




by mwilson 12. March 2012 10:50

Here at DCC we use several methods to customize your tech experience and one we’ve really been digging is Kentico, which we use for PedWeb (our pediatric sites). Currently Kentico is being used by more than 7,000 Web sites in 84 countries. Its main areas of functionality include Content Management, E-commerce, Social Networking, Intranet and Online Marketing. With its more than 40 modules and 250+ web parts it’s easy for the end-user to manage their content and also easy for the web developer to put sites together, as it deskills the process –you don't need a software engineer to build the site. This streamlining makes the development process cheaper and more profitable. If you’re interested in going in on buying a multi-user license for us to develop your website please contact us soon.

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Cloud Surfing

by mwilson 6. March 2012 11:39

Don't simply watch the clouds, fly in them! Have you been considering a cloud conversion but are concerned with the resources necessary to do so? Well fear no more, VMware has just introduced the new VMware vCloud® Integration Manager™ which will eliminate the need for third party systems, extensive coding, and tricky manual processes allowing for quick, efficient integration so you can increase your profits. DCC has  a strong partnership with VMware and knowledge base that can only arise from years of experience; let us help you with your integration!

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Cloud Watching

by mwilson 6. March 2012 11:17

Recently SAP and Oracle have acquiesced RightNow, SuccessFactors and Taleo validating the move to cloud computing and surrendering ERP. This comes across as evident in their lack of plans to transition their customers perhaps hoping they will move on their own accord. Their plan to buy in to cloud computing is one that has likely come too late as this tardy adaptation will probably be irrelevant in the high-paced technological world. Have you moved to the cloud yet? Don’t be left behind; ask DCC how we can assist you in a life-long partnership and transition to the cloud

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Gender Diversity

by mwilson 6. March 2012 11:15

While women make up 51% of the population their placement in tech company positions with prestige are often lower than 15%. What makes this concerning is that not only are women part of the demographic being neglected when calculating marketing strategies but companies lacking top diversity are missing out on financial performance benefits. While companies such as Ebay, LuluLemon, and Linkedin are striving to pick up the best and brightest women, the question is are you?

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Age Dynamics

by mwilson 23. February 2012 09:43

Some interesting news today, recent data reports concerning smartphone demographics has been released revealing that limited budgets still make room for the coveted pieces. While 30% of those aged 35-44 years and making less than $15,000 yearly possess smartphones, that percentage increases when the demographic turns to those age groups of (18-24) and (25-34) by 56% and 43% respectively. What makes these numbers so significant concerns the 2011 poverty mark which was drawn at $10,890. What is being insinuated by those reading the reports is that older generations view the smartphone as a luxury and the youth sees it as a staple. It’s hard to decipher whether these reports reveal a zeitgeist of technology or a cohort effect, what is evident is the disparity in perspective.


Evolving Security

by mwilson 23. February 2012 09:40

SaaS solutions are on the rise and it appears they may soon be coming to a mobile device near you. Mobilisafe is currently working on their beta program that allows users to BYOD (bring your own device) to their service. The technology analyzes the users’ need for protection and relays that information back to the company so that both Mobilisafe & the company can tailor their solutions. As companies begin to use newer devices to access their corporations network security will have to adapt to keep up with hackers. Have you caught on Software as a Solution yet? DCC uses VMware to deliver SaaS solutions and other tech needs. 


Trending: The Buttonless App

by mwilson 17. February 2012 11:03

There's a new app in town and it's name is Clear. The highly anticipated application allows users to make their own to-do lists, granted they aren't too complicated. Minimalism is the best aspect of it as the few gestures of pinch, swipe, and pull-down are all that it necessitates. In fact, co-founder Phill Ryu notes that even babies are capable of using the technology. In an age where complexity rules it's refreshing to find devices that are indeed more intuitive and easy; a lesson we can all learn from. Here at DCC we are continuously analyzing ways to streamline technology to make it more user friendly and reduces stress. If you have any advice we'd love to hear it!

To read the article on Clear click Here.


2011 Year in Review

by Vickie Paynter-Finney 24. December 2011 16:00

As the year comes to a close, I reflect and realize what a very productive and positive year it has been for our web development side of Dot Command Center.  Early in the year, we moved into our office building, where we have more room to strategize and meet with our clients one on one.  I feel this was a key component as we brought on staff and were posed with many challenging projects this year.  Here is a brief overview of a few featured projects:

Pinnacle Financial Strategies

First quarter 2011, we launched the new Pinnacle Financial Strategies corporate website at Pinnacle is one of my favorite clients in that I get to be "the techie", and learn from my marketing gurus, Kelly Anderson and Penny Vane.  The three of us have been working together for about 3 to 4 years, and certainly feel it is one of the most efficient teams I've been a part of.  In Q1-Q2, we took on one of our more challenging projects with Pinnacle, to create a consumer educational tool with over 120 pages of content, but presenting it in an interactive, friendly way, and co-branded and customized for each of their clients.  What we came up with was a jquery animation content system placing graphical elements on an island map and navigating a boat zooming in and out around an island, while still allowing them to track users, course completion, and log statistics per client.  This project was especially challenging because the amount of content and browser compatibility with absolute positioning used to place over 300 layers of animation in a forward AND backward step animation.  I will reveal my geekiness in that I enjoy writing code that writes code, and this system is the epitome of that by using server side code to generate client side code.  My special thanks to Mike Halprin on this project, who stepped in midway, and learned jquery in a matter of hours to help write the 150 steps through the course.

Discovery! Austin

This year we continued to improve the training class registration system that we built for Discovery at  One of the reasons that we decided to build internal and move them off of a third party system had to do with the fact they expected to double the number of registrations in the next year, and they were getting charged per attempted registration.  As predicted, their numbers doubled this year, and they saved thousands of dollars.  In addition to the money they saved, they also saved alot of time by improving the system.  We added more custom reports that help their class preparation each month, as well as fulling integrated early bird discounts, and export to their accounting system.  We even utilized their class registration system to take donations and RSVP their holiday celebration at the end of the year.  Special thanks to Linda Williamson at Discovery! who always makes my job fun by communicating their needs so efficiently.

Pediatric Web

Last, but not least, is Pediatric Web at  We have been working with "PedWeb" for 10 years now, and this year we have seen the most change and growth.  They currently have over 200 websites using their content feed, and over 75 custom designed pediatric practice websites.  This year, we reached a critical mass, and needed to upgrade their content management system.  After some research, we decided to move their platform to the Kentico CMS.  This gave us an easier interface for our web designers, and unbelievable flexibility for workflow, permissions, and custom functionality.  The result is a custom dashboard that guides their clients through the entire design and deployment process of their new website.  It also includes an administrative dashboard to walk their staff through the process as well and constantly be in communication with the practices on where they are on the project.  My gratitude goes out to all of the PedWeb staff for their determination and persistence to bring this project to fruition.  I love the Kentico platform, and hope to bring other clients into this environment when appropriate.

In addition:

We are proud to have brought up or maintained the following sites this year: COPC (, Moore Leadership (, Longhorn Tennis Camp (, Project Pay It Forward (, Capitol Art Society (, CREW Austin (, CCIM (, FACT (, City of Lockhart (, Hardin House (, Abundant Life Foundation (, Simmons Vedder (, Majesty Outdoors (


I'm looking forward to what 2012 will have to offer.  Happy New Year everyone!



Web Dev

Common Email Questions

by Vickie Paynter-Finney 5. September 2011 14:31

Many of our clients have trouble when setting up their email accounts on their phones for IPads.  Here are some tips for SMTP servers and others.

How do I change my password?

 1. In a web browser, go to or click on the Email link from the Dot Command Center home page (

2. Enter your full email address and assigned password, and click "Login".

3. Select "Preferences" on the left menu.

4. In the 2nd section from the top, simply type your new password in the fields labeled "New Password" and "Retype Password". Click the Save button near the top of the page.

How do I set my vacation message?

In order to change your vacation message, you must login to the web mail interface.

    1. Go to


    1. Enter your full email address and password.


    1. Once logged in, select the option "Change Vacation Message" from the drop down menu box.


  1. Enter the text you wish to auto-respond each time someone emails you.

To turn this off, leave the vacation message field blank.

What is My SMTP Server?

Your outgoing mail server will depend on the service you are using to connect to the Internet. Below is a list of outgoing servers:

    • Austin Time Warner Road Runner:
    • Southwestern Bell DSL:
    • 1&1:
    • Adelphia Cable:
    • AT&T WorldNet:
    • AOL:
    • BellSouth:
    • BlueLight:
    • Cableone:
    • Comcast:
    • Compuserve:
    • Cox:,,
    • Cypress Communications:
    • Dotster:
    • Earthlink:,
    • Google GMail:
    • Juno:
    • Mindspring:
    • Mpower Communications:
    • MSN: (cannot send pop3 email from other domains)
    • Netscape:
    • NetZero:
    • PacBell:
    • Pacifier:
    • Prodigy:
    • Rediff:
    • SBC Global Ameritech:
    • SBC Global Flash:
    • SBC Global NVBell:
    • SBC Global Pacbell:
    • SBC Global Prodigy:
    • SBC Global SNet:
    • SBC Global SWBell:
    • SBC Global Wans:
    • SBC Global Yahoo!:
    • Seanet:
    • ServNet:
    • SpeakEasy:
    • SprintPCS:
    • Sprynet:
    • Starpower:
    • The River:
    • Verizon:
    • VisiNet:
    • Yahoo:


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