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3 Ways AI and Chatbots Will Transform Retail in 2019

AI and chat bots could change the way retailers connect with customers when it comes to their customer *service*.

Global Healthcare Chatbots Market Is Anticipated to Reach Around USD 470 Million by 2025 - Press Release

Global healthcare Chatbots market expected to generate around USD 470 million by 2025, at a CAGR of around 21.2% between 2019 and 2025. Chatbots are ...

Inner Circle Guide AI & Chatbots in Contact Centres

The Inner Circle Guide to AI, Chatbots & Machine Learning; The definitive report looking at current reality of AI apps in the contact centre.

How UK consumers feel about chatbots in customer service

The UK is lagging behind other countries in making it easy for customers to interact with large organisations, says research from Avaya.

Support agents versus conversational chatbots

Customers hold the supremacy in a business. Keeping them happy and engaged is the key to drive profitable revenues. Customer *service* department is the ...

Listening skills: Chatbots can add value for businesses

Chatbots can offer businesses different ways to communicate with customers and staff, not merely replace human workers.

Is Your Enterprise Ready to Fight Off 'Rogue' Chatbots

If your company has invested heavily in new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning, and is now looking at chatbots and digital assistants ...

Dating AI Chatbots

From Eliza to Alexa, artificial intelligence has baffled us all in numerous ways. I, too, wanted to be baffled by their existence. Hence, I decided to date them.

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