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With experience in both design and programming,
website production is our specialty. 

We keep up with industry standards in CSS, HTML, and Javascript to provide an efficient and standard code base.  Our recent implementations include Bootstrap and Jquery libraries.
We blend the creative and the technical skill to provide the best and most flexible code base for your website in the short term and the long term.

Inspiring high school students with HTML and CSS

Heres a heartwarming post from Stephanie Stimac on her experience teaching kids the very basics of web development: [...] the response from that class of high school students delighted me and grounded me in a way I haven't experienced before. What I view as a simple code was absolute magic to them. And for all of us who code, I think we forget it is magic. Computational magic but still magic. HTM...

Same HTML, Different CSS

Ahmad Shadeed covers the idea of a card component that has a fixed set of semantic HTML with some BEMy classes on it. There is a title, author, image, and tags. Then he redesigns the card into five totally different designs without touching any of the HTML just the CSS. If this is an ah-ha moment for you, awesome! It might be worth knowing that this exact concept essentially excited an entire gen...

Building an Images Gallery using PixiJS and WebGL

Sometimes, we have to go a little further than HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create the UI we need, and instead use other resources, like SVG, WebGL, canvas and others. For example, the most amazing effects can be created with WebGL, because its a JavaScript API designed to render interactive 2D and 3D graphics within any compatible web browser, allowing GPU-accelerated image processing. That said,...

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