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Listening to the "Why?" and Understanding Business Goals to Determine Technology Desicions.

After more than twenty years consulting with clients regarding system(s) integration, we have learned a lot from our customers.

We listen. From years of working to understand the needs and business goals of our clients, our philosophy has evolved into one of partnerships rather than just vendor or customer relationships.

Our valued partnerships are based upon the normal who, what and where of a business model, yet what's most important for mutual success is the “Why?” of whatever technology task is before us. We work hard to understand your business goals and determine what you need to achieve them.

Our trust relationship goes both ways.

We trust our partners to provide us an adequate snapshot of their business baseline, the goals of the company, and what level of service they expect from us.

Likewise, partners trust us to present the best solutions for their needs at hand, including our ability to perform in a timely fashion, and especially important, the ability to communicate regarding any topic at any time.

We provide solutions; we don’t just sell contracts based upon response times of say, two or four hours. No one in this day and time has four hours for their business process to be down and out of commission, much less four hours before someone takes a look at it to fix it.

That is not our view of a partnership, although it is typical of a standard vender or customer relationship.

At Dot Command Center, we work with you to build solutions that show tangible results, and we offer our knowledge and expertise to provide a value-added experience allowing you to effectively reach your business goals. We don’t just sell hardware. Successful results can be as complex as an improved business process, or as simple as less network downtime and improved network performance.

Experience With Proven Results.

Since we have built over 500 networks, diverse networks at that, we have reached a knowledge base where the majority of common issues we know in our sleep. At Dot Command Center we are driven to learn the newest technology because the basics are engrained into our heart and soul and we are committed to improving our partnerships. When you can remember more IP addresses, server passwords and network topologies than you can family birthdays, you realize what a critical partner you have become with your clients. We are proud of that knowledge base.

We believe this explains why we have retained 99% of our clients over eight years. Those partnerships we have lost have been due primarily to purchases by a larger company, or perhaps they just could not survive the tough and competitive business climate during the last couple of years.

If we can be of service to your company as a technology partner please contact us.

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Rich Finney