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We make it our business to understand how to best utilize technology to solve our clients' business challenges. One of the biggest challenges facing both the public and private sector today is selecting and deploying an integrated "Communications" strategy.

Technology Assessment

We all know that changes in information technology are occurring at an almost mind-boggling pace. Whole new areas of technology often spring up overnight and become the next "Big Thing", while other areas of technology, even those thought to be perpetual, disappear off the radar screens sometime without warning.

Strategies are not just high-level statements of directions or philosophies to include in an annual report. A strategy developed with Dot Command Center is an "executable plan" that not only details the "who, what, where, and why?" of a new technology implementation or integration effort, it also details the "when?" and the "how?" to most effectively execute those efforts.

Our Technologists make it their business to become knowledgeable and stay abreast of the ever-expanding fields of information technologies. Our skill, knowledge, and insight into the use, effectiveness, viability, and life cycle of technology is driven by the basic understanding that the use of any technology must provide a positive and measurable return to the business.

Network Design

Even well-designed and implemented networks can suffer from performance degradation over time. Whether network traffic has increased dramatically since its inception, incompatibility of network design current use, or that simply your business model has changed and your network hasn't, Dot Command Center can help.

Dot Command Center can assess your network environment from a fresh and unbiased perspective. By carefully analyzing the details involving available network usage, capacities, and resources, we can report on any current or pending deficiencies in the network, along with pinpointing any performance bottlenecks. Included in the performance reports are recommendations on how to alleviate both known and newly discovered problems along with applicable recommendations on enhancing the environment to better align the network to your business goals.

To some a Network is simply a collection of some or all of the computers in an office connected together to share printers and store files in a common location (the server). At Dot Command Center we also believe a Network is that and so much more. Whether it's a network of two or two-thousand PC's, Workstations, Minicomputers, or corporate hosts, we view the Network as a key business asset and tool to be leveraged by that business in facilitating the achievement of its goals and objectives.

System Upgrades

System upgrades and software deployments can be a headache to many companies, hindering their normal business flow. Let Dot Command Center design and deploy a plan that will minimize downtime and maximize the benefits from your Microsoft upgrades or custom software deployments.

Disaster / Recovery Plans

Disaster recovery is becoming an increasingly important aspect of enterprise computing. As devices, systems, and networks become ever more complex, there are simply more things that can go wrong. Appropriate plans vary from one enterprise to another, depending on variables like the type of business, the processes involved, and the level of security needed.